J.X. Fu's Author Website! /PM, Writer, & Manga Fanatic!

If my interests represent a vast blue sky, then my hobbies are the endless clouds within it.

I'm a published fiction author; my books include a YA Fantasy/Action titled "Darkness Me, Colorful You" and a RomCom light novel titled "Corruptions Are Best Exposed In The Autumn!"

I'm also a blogger and a product manager at Microsoft working on Bing Search. I've since narrowed down my areas of interest on the following key areas:
  • Writing (Fiction & Non-Fiction)
  • Product & Project Management
  • Content Creation
  • Here, you'll find more about me, my Medium blog, my books, and my manga review blog!

    My Books

    Darkness Me, Colorful You (Nov 2022)!

    My debut published fiction novel is coming to bookshelves Nov 2022! Are you a fan of fulfilling romance books complemented by a beautiful world of fantasy, mystery, and action while bringing in inspiration from video games, light novels, and pop culture? Check out my old Indiegogo page, where I managed to raise money from over 40 backers!

    Manga Reviews
    Manga Reviews

    Manga Reviews w/ Ratings!

    I write & publish reviews for every manga I finish (or catch up to)! I'm a big fan of the romance, comedy, drama, harem, action, and other genres, but I read other genres such as music, sports, shoujo, josei, and mystery! Check out my reviews as I dig deep into the story, art and characters while rating each aspect a score out of 10!

    Product Manager
    My Product Management Work

    I'm a PM with 3 yrs of experience.

    Starting with my internship on improving SAP HANA back in 2018, I've dived into 4 product internships and over a year of PM experience in my current role within the technical backend team for Bing at Microsoft. I've shipped features that have contributed to increases in DAU, revenue, user engagement, and retention! Feel free to get in touch with me!